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Metabase is a platform (a Wikibase instance in Wikibase Cloud) set up by Wikimedia Sverige. The goal is to collect information about the activities and documents of the Wikimedia movement as Linked Open Data. Wikibase Cloud offers us a possibility to experiment with this innovative project without having to adhere to the relevance criteria and modeling practices of Wikidata; at the same time, we are trying to stay as close to Wikidata structures as reasonably possible.

A commonly highlighted problem limiting capacity building has been the lack of findability of existing resources such as training material, reports, and case studies. The hope is that Metabase will be able to help to alleviate this issue by improving searchability and findability of the knowledge and experience of the Wikimedia Movement. The first stage of its development, which is currently ongoing as of 2023, is to focus on the content produced by Wikimedia Sverige, such as data about its reports, events, projects etc. with a special focus on initiatives connected to Content Partnerships. This data is currently stored on the chapter's wiki in text form. By making the data structured, we hope to be able to get a better overview of what the chapter has done over the years.

In the next stage we aim to scale the efforts to add a broader set of data around content partnerships from the international Movement this includes adding data on informational resources requested through the Content Partnership Hub Helpdesk and identified by the connected Working Groups. The hope is that we can build further on this foundation to then invite other Wikimedia affiliates and interest groups to join in and contribute with their data.

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